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14-Oct-2017 05:41

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A Yooper would have to find someone who can handle the mosquito bites and the cold winters. “If you find love in Florida, it’s kind of difficult to convince them to move to the UP,” Sailor said. Some are simple, like kayaking, hiking, or basketball. “Interestingly enough, a large number of users have selected bear wrestling as a potential interest,” Sailor said. Such are the entanglements of the heart — and of dating Web sites.

People call in sick to work and kids play hooky from school to go out to camp and start looking for whitetail deer. If anyone is an out-of-towner, they more than likely won’t understand the real meaning of flannel.

There's no FDIC."The Better Business Bureau collected 3,294 complaints nationally about online dating sites in the past year, ending Sept. Of those, 70 were from eastern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.