Is trisha dating rana daggubati Adult chat directory

01-Sep-2017 23:50

Trisha commented on their ‘rumoured’ relationship during the promotions of her film, Kalavathi.“Like any other co-star, Rana is also a good friend and there is no special interest.

The actress puts it straight that she is very much single.Gossipmongers' favorite girl, Trisha has finally let out her version on her alleged love saga with Rana Daggubati.She is always linked with Rana and their alleged love-hate relation has been is one of the most talked about affairs in the t-town.She received her first movie offer in the year 2002 by none other than the veteran film-maker Priyadarshan, which marked her formal entry in the film industry.

Like every other contemporary in the showbiz, Trisha had her own shares of rumoured flings and possible Trisha Krishnan marriage hype-pieces, with some of the top actors in the industry.And their constant Twitter banters also came to a stop.