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Credit: From the book: The physical laboratories of the University of Manchester: a record of 25 years' work by the University of Manchester, Manchester: At the University Press, 1906. He was not done with the puzzles of the decay families of thorium, radium, etc., but he was passing much of this work to Boltwood, Hahn, and Soddy.

AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Brittle Books Collection. Boltwood and Hahn both worked with Rutherford in Manchester, Boltwood in 1909–1910 and Hahn in 1907–1908.

usually means that one sees a place for the first time.

But can discovery be the same for a realm hidden from sight? So this hints that perhaps the story of the discovery of the nucleus was more complicated.

As the The New York Times stated, in a eulogy accompanying the announcement of his unexpected and unnecessary death in 1937.

" It is given to but few men to achieve immortality, still less to achieve Olympian rank, during their own lifetime. In a generation that witnessed one of the greatest revolutions in the entire history of science he was universally acknowledged as the leading explorer of the vast infinitely complex universe within the atom, a universe that he was first to penetrate."Not for him the fame based on one discovery.

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He had been named Langworthy Professor of Physics, successor to Arthur Schuster (1851–1934), who retired at age 56 to recruit Rutherford. That is, he was leaving radio-chemistry to others and turning to physics.The story as it unfolded in Rutherford's lab at the University in Manchester revolved around real people. It involved hard work and perplexity and inspiration.When Rutherford became professor at Manchester in 1907, he found modern labs for both teaching and research.and thereby pioneered the Rutherford model of the atom, through his discovery and interpretation of Rutherford scattering by the gold foil experiment of Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden.

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He conducted research that led to the first "splitting" of the atom in 1917 in a nuclear reaction between nitrogen and alpha particles, in which he also discovered (and named) the proton.He radically altered our understanding of nature on three separate occasions.

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