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19-Nov-2017 09:13

They have returned every year since and recently have been visiting the nest -- a hopeful sign that we may have exciting developments to watch during the spring.

To capture those moments, NYU has set up a camera so that the NYU community, the birding community, and others could have an unusual insider’s look at life in an urban raptor’s nest.

Imagine being able to film a ride, and then see what your buddies in front and behind you had been doing?

It's not going to replace "traditional" video, but it's an interesting concept.

In part because Twitter owns Periscope and allows it much more functionality on their platform.

Nevertheless, should the adult hawks or eyasses encounter a natural problem in the nest, NYU’s position is to let nature take its course over immediate human intervention.You can select the quality level and even use your i Phone 4s flashlight.Unfortunately, there is no access to the front camera and the microphone is not used. Still, this is one of the best free apps out there for streaming video.Instead I want to talk about my experience today and what I learned.

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I called today’s broadcast my “first real” live stream because I’ve broadcasted twice before, both somewhat silly, and pet related. I wanted to check out Periscope quickly, and these activities both seemed like fun, easy ways to check it out.That way whichever direction you turn your head, you see a different view.